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Wow! Half of January is gone. 2023.

I am on a mission. My mission is to get as much exposure for my original art as I can. I have big plans on moving my art business forward.
1. This past two weeks I have focused on getting the website up and optimized.
2. I have been creating collateral.
3. I have been making contacts and networking with my contact sphere.
4. Compiling a list of prospects.
5. And lastly, (or not) I am looking for an agent to take my art to the next level.

My first goal for 2023 is to get in as many retail shops. boutiques and galleries as possible with my printed stationary created from the originals you see on the site.
My second goal for 2023 is to license my art which is why I am looking for an agent. There is so much in licensing making it very important to have an agent.

You could help! Who do you know that would fall into any of these areas and goals.
Lord knows I need help. So if you or someone you know would be interested, please contact me and lets chat.

As you know, I am pretty proficient in floral paintings. Currently I am working on landscapes with barns and cottages. This is not in my wheelhouse but soon, it just might be.

Below you will see my most recent in learning. As an untrained artist gives me the opportunity to continue to create with my own very unique style.

I love painting flowers, taking pictures of flowers and I love to stop and smell the Jasmine.

I look forward to big changes in 2023 which I will be believing for the best for me and for you.

Also, you might enjoy finding some great items at

Welcome to 2023 and my original watercolors.

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